New York improv team: B.F.F.

BFF is a long-form improv team based in New York City. The team was formed in 2007 after its members met taking improv classes at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. The founding Members are Emily Tarver, Jaime Skinner, Betsy Hoffman & Nicole Alesi. Their credits include national commercials, numerous television appearances, the web sketch series Betsy Vs. New York, international and regional theatre and live sketch performances (such as Maude Night at UCB.) The group performs regularly at various comedy theaters in New York. Such venues include Under St. Marks, The Creek & Cave, Broadway Comedy Club, Gotham City Improv, The Red Room, The Krane Theatre, Park Side Lounge, Magnet Theatre, The P.I.T. and School Night at The UCB Theatre. In addition, B.F.F. has created a monthly themed show that they host to packed audiences at the Sparks Theatre.